Women against Sex Bots: Transhumanist Dreams or Electric Nightmares?


05.11.2018 - 11:14

As women, we have been written out of history. The names we use to describe ourselves, our bodies, and our lived experiences are being stolen from us and redefined to include males on the basis of their delusions and deranged feelings. 

Thousands of years of male programming has failed to yield a completely obedient population of females happy to be reduced to non-thinking sex objects that cook, clean, and produce babies.

Therefore some men have taken it upon themselves to pursue the next best thing. Men in powerful positions are working round the clock day and night to create artificial forms of life which they hope will not only usurp our natural biological functions but render us as women to complete disposability. 

They are attempting to turn myth and fantasy into reality by creating franken-offspring –artificial humanoid life forms– and simultaneously feminizing them, personifying them as females which can be completely contained, controlled, and programmed by their male creators. 

When feminized robots dreamed up by and programmed by men speak, who are they truly speaking for? Who and what do they truly represent?




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