Speakerinnen list


09.03.2014 - 12:45

Many people are saddened by the fact that conferences and media invite more men than women. There is no explanation for this in Biology: men are not smarter than women.
Pointing out this discrepancy to organisers is often ill-received. They simply couldn't find women suitable for the job. We're convinced that there are more competent women, in addition to the ones who already courageously took the stage.
Girls need female role-models and women need the confirmation that the opinion of others - theirs - on a certain topic, is just as valued. Events need more diversity.

The Speakerinnen List sprung from the idea of many women, and is built technically as a study project by Rails Girls Berlin. Rails Girls is an international not-for-profit organization, that aims to get women excited about programming. With workshops, study groups and scholarships, Rails Girls is an extraordinary study community.
* Talking about woman* we mean everybody who defines herself as a woman.